Professional Relationships

Yesterday, I attended the 2013 AIA SF Mentorship Speedmatch. In preparation for the mentorship program, this event gave me the chance to meet other participants which comprise of emerging professionals (0-5 years of experience), mid-level professionals (5-15 years), and seasoned professionals (+/- 15 years), in the architecture and design industry. Honestly, it was exhausting since there were a lot of participants for this year’s program – I probably talked to around 90 people in a span of two hours! But it was all worthwhile since I got the opportunity to get to know the other participants.

As how AIA SF describes it: “This is a program for architects of all levels. By creating a forum for cross-generational interaction, mentorship seeks to build a network for established and emerging professionals beyond the office environment, promote personal and professional development in the areas of leadership, mentoring, and relationship building, and provide supplemental tools for emerging professionals to fulfill the requirements for licensure.”

Through participating in the AIA SF mentorship program, I hope to gain additional knowledge and exposure in the field through building professional relationships with experienced architects, and other young professionals like myself. I believe that fostering these relationships is very important in our personal growth as architects. Also, I hope to share any architecture and design knowledge and perspective I have. Looking at the bigger picture, this program is essential for the development of the architecture community in the Bay Area. This is my first time being part of the program, and I am really excited with what this year has to offer for all of the mentor groups!

Reference: AIA San Francisco


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