As an aspiring architect and designer, I am continually inspired with the things I see and experience, especially when a piece of architectural work reflects my own design ideals. Similar to other architecture students, professionals, and enthusiasts, I also have my favorite architects.


This inspiration then activates my ‘design motor’, especially during times of ‘creative drought’. Nevertheless, I always begin with my own thoughts, and concepts when working on a project. Only then during the developmental stages of a project, do I seek design precedents. I believe that there is no such thing as ‘original’ architecture, simply because design ideas are just reused and developed over time, until it becomes refined and suited to a particular architectural style. Regardless, we should always have our own thoughts and identity as architects and designers.


Beginning with architecture school, I have always viewed architecture as an adventure. It is fun and exciting. It always brings out the creative enthusiast in me. I must say this is one reason why I chose to study architecture. Yet it was also a struggle — long sleepless nights in the studio, building physical models, generating drawings, and all those other time-consuming efforts needed to finish a design project.

The most important lesson that I learned from studio, is that architectural design is an iterative process. We must engage in this type of approach if we were to produce a coherent design — architecture which brings adventures, especially those related to spatial experiences, social interactions, and aesthetics.

I am Roandrick Soriaga. Recent architecture graduate from UC Berkeley. Aspiring architect and designer. This blog serves as an outlet for my architecture and design INSPIRATIONS, THOUGHTS, and ADVENTURES.

My apologies for the long introduction. I really love writing!


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  1. Nice blog, keep it up!

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